tout va bien

A book of collages designed in sequence shots. These plans produce a work that is not strictly speaking a movie but a succession of images which are laminated and through which we discover and continue to question the film and its subject matter. The relationship between this work and film collages, sets apart the formal construction of cutting and assembling; a process that relates to the very origins of cinema and which is governed here by it’s simultaneous reference to fiction. With singular ambiguity, fiction exposes the realm of intimacy; one where the author expresses his obsessions, fears and hallucinations and which are mainly related to a childhood spent under Soviet regime. The way the work is presented, forges an intimate antechamber; one which confronts a historical body of work and within the political context of the graphic images which are at the heart of the notion of composition and of Aesthetics itself. Aesthetics of the Antrum probes the origins. Beginnings, Genesis, ancestry and parentage that provide the source of the unconscious practice that governs it.

Publisher note : Babari’s book is purely visual, without text, which plunges us into an inner and poetic journey, mixing the notions of rough with the notions of sensitivity. The artist, who was born in Russia, has worked with images from magazines – all black and white – from her childhood years. Our intention has been to keep the tints and shades of the papers that build her collages, so we could maintain the subtle vibration in each one of them.