Synopsis :

Interpreting some excerpts from a chapter II of Black Skin, Masks, by Frantz Fanon, a man and a woman embody the story of the characters, confronted with prejudices of identity and racial.

Fanon’s text, literally interpreted in his extracts, is a literary work and a psychiatric treatise.

Collective neurosis inherited from colonization, retraction of the ego, relationships between the black man and the white man, especially between the black woman and the white man (inverse relationship in the film), differentiation and linguistics, Fanon testifies to his experiences as a student and doctor, punctuating his text with contemporary literary references.

Pictures of a mixed couple, dominated by their voices, AFFECTS also pays tribute to the couple that Fanon formed with his wife Josie.

French, originally from Lyon, it is she who typed, under the dictation of Fanon, the famous manuscript, published by Seuil editions in 1952.

With literary training, she was his main collaborator and support. She campaigned with him for the Algerian Independence and collaborated in the Africa Action newspaper. Engaged with Fanon, she attended his battles, accompanied his exiles, until his death in the suburbs of Washington in 1961. Installed in Algeria after the death of Fanon, Josie Fanon died in Algiers in 1989, the ultimate spectator of the student repression and the rise of Islamism.

AFFECTS surreptitiously evokes the couple she formed with Fanon and their collaboration in literary and political development. The fact that they were this « mixed » couple and that Fanon wrote about these representations, identities and relationships in this couple and with him.
Technical sheet

>Duration: 22 ‘


>Support: video

Broadcast format: 4/3

French language

Subtitles: English

Production: Louisa Babari
Year of production: 2018

Diffusion: The torch in the ear, Cinema of the French Institute, Dakar, December 2017 (working copy)

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